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Huazhong Agricultural University and Yangxiang work together on Industrial Upgrading

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On November 7
th, a symposium on university-enterprise cooperation between Yangxiang and the Huazhong Agricultural University was held at the head office of Yangxiang. On the basis of discussing Yangxiang’s technological innovation and achievements, both sides had an in-depth exchange of views on further university-enterprise cooperation and joint contribution of a new model for healthy pig breeding, and would continue to work together on industrial transformation and upgrading.

The symposium was attended by leaders of both sides, including Deng Xiuxin, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Deputy Dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor at the Huazhong Agricultural University, Yao Jianglin, Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President of the Huazhong Agricultural University, Shi Liang, President of Yangxiang, Mo Jinzhi, Chairman of Yangxiang, and He Bing, Vice Chairman of Yangxiang.

Over the years, the single-college cooperation between Yangxiang and the Huazhong Agricultural University has been extended to multi-college joint cooperation, bringing more first-line scientific research and innovation achievements to the development of Yangxiang, and providing a great many outstanding talents to Yangxiang. Yangxiang has also grown into a high-quality base for employment of talents from the Huazhong Agricultural University, and a stable teaching and scientific research practice base for teachers from the Huazhong Agricultural University. With their concerted efforts, both sides have developed an industrial “chip”, opened up a “building-based” pig breeding model, and built an “iron drum”
African swine fever prevention model, which are well-known to insiders. Besides, many scientific research achievements have won national and provincial awards. 

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