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   Yangxiang Co., Ltd. is a technology-based agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise integrating feed production, pig production, slaughtering and food marketing. As an Internet service provider for the pig industry, Yangxiang has wide range of businesses which cover feed, breeding pigs, semen, hogs, slaughtering, deep processing and food, intelligent platforms, intelligent pig farm equipment. In recent years, Yangxiang launched innovative research center for local breed, Yangxiang research institute and post-doctoral research center. Yangxiang also worked with universities and research institutes to conduct works such as local breed conservancy and breeding and disease testing, promote the mode of “breeding pigs improvement” and “internet + Gene” across the country, which effectively boost the development of China’s pig industry.

   Yangxiang Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to technological innovation and talent introduction and training. It has established long-term cooperation with Huazhong Agricultural University, Sun Yat-sen University, China Agricultural University and other institutions, and has undertaken a number of national key scientific research projects, dedicated to scientific and technological pig breeding. Yanxgiang is always doing everything he can to make China a leader in the international pig industry.

Our Culture
Our mission: Healthy, Safety, Delicious and Low-cost Core value: Shaking the hand of Yangxiang, we cooperate with integrity and take mutual reward as friends; Entering the gate of Yangxiang, we forge ahead and share together as a family.
In order to provide employees with more protection against unexpected accidents, Yangxiang established Guangxi Yangxiang Charity Foundation in March 2017. Guangxi Yangxiang Charity Foundation adopts the form of joint donations from employees and enterprises to form the foundation’s original fund that could be used to families with employees in difficulty. Xiang charity foundation adopts the form of joint donation by employees and enterprises, group The original funds of the foundation are used for the families of employees who have difficulties.
Charitable causes
1. Rich farmers with pigs to help alleviate poverty
Over the years, Yangxiang has given full play to its advantages in capital, technology, market and brand, and vigorously promoted the “Project 1-10000” (Each Cooperative builds 1 pig raising facility, absorbs 10 poor households, transfers 100 mu of land, markets 1000 commercial pigs annually, and the annual income of poor households is not less than 10000 yuan/household.)targeted poverty alleviation raising model based on “Company + Cooperative + Poor Households”. The raising model base has been radiated from Gangnan District, Guigang City to Xingye County, Tianyang County, Tiandeng County, Debao County, and Jingxi  City in Guangxi. By the end of May 2020, Yangxiang has driven the collective economy development of 5549 poor households and 63 poor villages.

2. Actively participate in social welfare
"Stay in society, return to society" is the concept of Yangxiang's business development. For many years, Yangxiang has actively participated in social welfare, carried out activities such as condolences to widows and widows, education and poverty alleviation, flood relief, etc., and established "Guangxi Yangxiang Charity" in 2017 "Foundation", brings together the love of Yangxiang people, and provides more warmth and support to the community in need of help! Public welfare activities are widely recognized by all walks of life, and have successively won honors such as "National Advanced Collective for Social Poverty Alleviation", "National Advanced Private Enterprise of "Ten Thousand Enterprises Helping Ten Thousand Villages" Targeted Poverty Alleviation Action", and "National Advanced Unit for Popularizing Science and Benefiting Agriculture and Rejuvenating Villages".

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