Gene is the "ceiling" of the pig industry and determines the height of the industry's development.

Yang Xiang attaches great importance to the work of genetic improvement, and has formed a genetic research team to develop a genomic breeding value evaluation algorithm, which breaks through the technical barriers of foreign countries and realizes completely independent implementation of efficient genomic breeding. At the same time, it has developed a genome matching algorithm with independent intellectual property rights and established an automated semen sorting platform, taking the lead in realizing accurate genome matching in the world. Through the combined use of genome selection and selection technology, the potential of good genes can be maximized, breeding efficiency can be increased by more than 30%, and breeding efficiency by more than 10%.

Establish a huge genetic pool of fine breeds, build a large-scale advanced boar breeding station-pig artificial insemination center and building boar station, and take the lead in opening the "Internet + gene" socialized sperm supply model in China. The annual production capacity of pig sperm has exceeded 10 million Relying on the mature multi-layer logistics distribution system, the realization of "precise and precise, just say it."
semen solutions
Six essential factors are indispensable
Professional breeding for 20 years

Professional breeding for 20 years

Scientific breeding

Scientific breeding

Yang xiang good boar

Yang xiang good boar





Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination

Xiu Bo pig high quality products
  • Large White
    Large White
  • Duroc
  • Landrace
Precise nutrition
In order to reduce costs and increase efficiency, Yangxiang Nutrition Research Center has established a comprehensive research and development system and platform for precise nutrition of pigs with precise raw material testing, precise nutrition requirements, precise formula adjustment, precise production and processing, and precise feeding management. Intelligent planning, intelligent production, intelligent formula, intelligent conveying, intelligent feeding from feed factory to pig's mouth feed nutrition, launching precision nutrition intelligent equipment-precision feeding instrument, practicing from traditional batch common feed production to customized individualization The transformation of nutrient supply has achieved the goal of reducing the cost of pig breeding by 1 yuan per catty.

In order to provide pigs with the most accurate nutrition and build a precision nutrition platform, the company's nutrition research team has accumulated research on nutritional needs, strived for excellence in raw material testing, crafted precise formulations, and continuously improved precision manufacturing and processing techniques.With a view to the future, the Nutrition Research Center is carrying out research on the whole process of non-antibiotic breeding technology, research and development of fermented feed, and research on pork quality and nutrition regulation, to lay the foundation for consumers to provide healthy, safe and delicious pork food.
Biosecurity is the core cornerstone of pig raising stability and directly determines the fluctuation of the pig cycle.

In order to prevent the spread of diseases in pig farms, Yang Xiang has established a high-strength bio-safety management system in the internal pig farms, and strictly controls multiple links such as breeding pigs, semen, personnel, vehicles, and articles, so as to enhance employees’ awareness of bio-safety and provide pigs with Create a safe and healthy environment. Since the outbreak of African swine fever in China in August 2018, the company's biosecurity system has been further strengthened and upgraded to a structured and three-dimensional anti-African system, effectively blocking the spread of African swine fever virus.

Yangxiang uses the bio-safety prevention and control technology that has been deposited for many years, combined with the design concept of pig breeding bio-safety prevention and control in the building, originated from the building and not only in the building, and innovated to create a three-dimensional and deep “external auxiliary prevention and control + internal structural prevention Yangxiang’s “iron barrel model” combined with “control” has successfully maintained more than 80% of the production capacity and laid a solid foundation for the realization of safe pig production in the future. This model has been highly recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and has become a nationwide Promoted model of repopulation.
Individualized Immune Health Care
Yangxiang swine disease testing center
Yangxiang swine disease testing center provides comprehensive testing services for pig farms of farmers, and provides solutions for disease prevention and control of pig farms.
  • Targeted immunization health programmes
    Targeted immunization health programmes
  • Pig farm antibody testing, water quality testing
    Pig farm antibody testing, water quality testing
  • Basic immunization, health care and disinfection measures
    Basic immunization, health care and disinfection measures
Strong technical service support
  • Team to introduce

    Experienced service pig raising team according to the situation of the pig farm, for you to develop appropriate service solutions to help you solve the pig problem.

  • Solution

    Coach tour service, on site service, hosting service

Intelligent pig raising
Under the background of China's lack of land resources for pig raising, poor pig raising stability, low production efficiency, poor production environment, and high overall costs, Yang Xiang, after 5 years of inspection and research, united with Huazhong Agricultural University and at home and abroad A number of pig breeding experts created innovative designs to build cluster buildings with high bio-safety protection, high land resource saving, high-efficiency and safe operation, high-standard environmental protection, high-intelligence production, high living and working comfort, and high animal welfare. Chemical pig farm.

The pig farm in the building adopts the FPF future pig farm intelligent management platform system and equipment, moves "farms, pigs, things, and people" to the Internet, and uses intelligent equipment such as smart ear tags, precision feeders, emotion detectors, and fat regulators to liberate The hands and brains of the production staff make pig raising easier and smarter.

It has been put into production since 2017,had nearly 3 years of production and operation practice.
Intelligent high-end pig breeding equipment
Overall = Planning and Design + Equipment Solution

Intelligent sorting system

The pig semen dilution system

Pig sperm vitality detection

Automatic filling system


Pneumatic transmission system

Integration of feed and slaughter
Food is the priority for the people, and it is inevitable for development to open up the pig industry chain through "Internet +" and achieve product traceability.

Adhering to the mission of "health, safety, deliciousness, and low cost", Yangxiang combined with the wisdom of industrial scientists and IT engineers to create an industrial Internet-based industrial model of feeding, raising, slaughtering, and business integration with pig raising in smart buildings as the core. Create a high-end intelligent "meat factory", establish an internal traceability system based on the pig production process, and an external traceability system based on the supply chain of pork products, and realize the seamless integration and integration of the information flow of the two internal and external traceability systems Transparent traceability, to achieve the purpose of traceability of the source of pork products, traceability of flow, information inquiries, and product recall. At the same time, it reduces the cost of transaction links, reduces the risk of pig cycle fluctuations, realizes precise nutrition, controllable environment, intelligent production, and online supervision.
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