Yangxiang Research Institute
Established in 2010, yangxiang research institute is committed to changing the pig industry through science and technology in order to promote the integration of scientific and technological forces and the pig industry. The institute is composed of five centers: nutrition research center, breeding center, production research center, information center and veterinary center. It has one academician, 13 professors, doctors and experts. The main research contents include pig production and breeding, local pig breeding and protection, disease prevention and control, pig informatization and traceability system, and promotion of pig varieties.
Breaking news of Yangxiang Research Institute
Research Achievements
The research achievements of Yangxiang Research Institute have been highly recognized in the swine industry. Among them, “Establishment of pig integrated omics gene mining technology system and its breeding application” won the second prize of State Technological Invention Award in 2018; and the project of “Establishment and application of whole reproductive cycle regulation technology to improve sow reproductive performance”was awarded the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of Hubei Province in 2017. The joint project “Enzyme-Oligosaccharide- Probiotics triple compound feed antibiotic replacement technology” won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of Hubei Province in 2016. Yangxiang Research Institute has jointly applied for more than 20 invention patents and published more than 100 academic papers, including more than 30 SCI papers.
Cooperations with Universities

Talents are the driving force for company development.


Yangxiang has carried out in-depth cooperation with Huazhong Agricultural University, Sun Yat-sen University and China Agriculture University as well as other domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, established an enterprise-university-research center and long-term talent training and introduction system. Under the cooperation, Yangxiang research center, academician workstation and post-doctoral research center were set up, the joint project of“PSY 30, MSY 28, Slaughter Cost 9 RMB/KG”and joint project of modern pigs 3.0 system were signed to improve the pig raising ability in China. 

  • Yang xiang and sun yat-sen university project signing ceremony
    Yang xiang and sun yat-sen university project signing ceremony
  • Yang xiang and huazhong agricultural university signed the “Cooperation agreement on r&d and promotion of key technologies of healthy, safe and delicious modern food”
    Yang xiang and huazhong agricultural university signed the “Cooperation agreement on r&d and promotion of key technologies of healthy, safe and delicious modern food”
Post-Doctoral Research Center

Yangxiang's post-doctoral research center was officially unveiled on December 15, 2018. Post-doctoral research center refer to organizations that can recruit and train post-doctoral researchers within enterprises, research and production-oriented institutions, and special regional institutions. The establishment of post-doctoral research center is of great significance for enterprises to introduce post-doctoral talents and to promote scientific research and innovation. Yangxiang has always attached importance to talents, and strives to provide talents with a platform to give full play to their talents. Post-doctoral research center is an important carrier for attracting, gathering and training high-level innovative young talents.

International cooperation exhibition
Yangxiang continuously strengthens the cooperation with international advanced enterprises, strives to improve its own pig raising ability and service pig raising ability, introduces many foreign experts resident in yangxiang pig farm and customer pig farm, effectively solves the practical problems of pig farm. At the same time, yangxiang has held PITC meetings with PPT company of Canada for many times to bring the latest international pig raising knowledge and solutions to pig farmers.
Transformation of scientific and technological achievements
Over the years, Yangxiang has introduced a large number of scientific research talents, and the "industry-university-research" cooperation has yielded fruitful results. The results of scientific research cooperation with universities have been effectively transformed in the practice of pig production. They are used in the fields of genetic breeding, feed nutrition, pig production, biosafety and IT technology. It has achieved remarkable results, realized the successful application of the intelligent pig raising model in cluster buildings, established the Yangxiang University training system, and held the PITC International Conference with Canadian PPT Company, which laid a solid foundation for Yangxiang to realize the transformation from traditional pig raising to intelligent pig raising.
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